Dresser Valves

Brands in the productrange of Dresser Valves are the Maxi-Flow ®, high pressure safety valve and the consolidated MPVTM modular pilot operated safety valve, Camflex ® and Varimax ® eccentric plug rotary valves, T-BALL rotary valves, the SVI digital positioner and process controllers.
For more than 100 years Dresser Valves delivers world-class products. The valves of the Dresser Division are reliable, durable and offer high performance at a fair price.
The product range includes the following products: Masoneilan 35002 Series Camflex ®, Masoneilan 30000 Series Varimax, Masoneilan ® 21000 Series, Masoneilan ® cage-guided 41005 Series, Masoneilan 700 Series, Masoneilan 31000 Series, 72000 Series, 73000 Series, The Masoneilan 77000 Series, Axial flow LincolnLog ® design, 78200/18200 Series, Dresser Flow Control, Masoneilan 12300 Series, VRT ®, Variable Resistance Trim, Axial Flow trims, Masoneilans SVI and more.

Parker Valves

parker valves

Parker Valves: this company is already nearly 100 years active worldwide in the oil and gas industry. Parker Hannifin is the worlds largest manufacturer of motion and control systems. Parker has a unique position in this segment.

The product range of Parker includes accumulators, fittings, O-rings, gears, flanges, packings, adapters, flow controllers, PFA / PTFE Products, additives, flow meters, PTOs, adhesives & sealants, fuel / air separators, power units, gas generators, pumps, aircraft wheels and brakes, gauges, purifiers, air handling systems, gearheads & gearmotors, shortcuts, analytical systems, heaters, refrigeration & air conditioning, misting nozzles, HMI visualization, regulators, controllers, hoses, seals, cylinders, hose crimpers / Swagers, sensors, dental products, hydrostatic transmissions, control, diagnostic products, inverters, drives, linear positioners, dryers, manifolds, thermal management, EMI shielding, miniature liquid components, molded shapes, tube fabrication equipment, extruded seals, monitoring, tubes , filters, motors and valves.